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Courtyard Design in Sri Lanka

Best 8 Courtyard Design in Sri Lanka

Looking for courtyard design in Sri Lanka?

If you would love to be continuously inspired by the authentic architectural and interior designs, adding a courtyard to your nesting dreams will simply upgrade your life style with best.

The addition of courtyards to houses has been very much popular contemporary interior techniques that could be seen in most Asian influenced architectural and interior designs. Specifically in most Indian, Sri Lankan and far east noble houses are adorned with courtyards in order to showcase the social status and extravagance.

Later, you may see most south Indian and Sri Lankan higher middle class houses also tend to add courtyards to personal dwellings later with the challenges encountered with spaces, courtyards were taken out from the housing trends, specially at urban house designs reluctant to add a courtyard space to residences.

Courtyards are simply identified as indoor gardens spaces. Apart from the endless and timeless beauty brings by courtyards to in-house spaces, there are many other benefits that you will get by adding a courtyard as well. First, it keeps to link the housing space with nature, as it being enormous aesthetic value and natural serenity to houses.

Second, the privacy. If you would like a little covered space for yourself and your loved once to spend some relaxing and intimate times courtyards would be one of the most celebrated that you can add to you property.

The other benefit you can get by adding courtyard to your house is it’s a great showcase of your style, taste and perception also it would add some uniqueness as well, as you don’t find courtyards in  modern housing context in Sri Lanka.

If you you would like to add an inspiring courtyard to your house and checking which one will be the most suitable, here we have listed a few from our exclusive portfolio. Check these and find the best that suit you.

Courtyard Design 1

Courtyard Design in Sri Lanka

The first design in the collection is all about fascinating courtyard design. This may find different to most authentic courtyard designs you find in Sri Lanka. It’s modern. Simple yet inspired with luxury design solutions.

The courtyard is covered with building structures, yet it makes sure that the space absorb the best of natural light and ventilation. It has designed solely aiming relaxing and serenity where you will get to see a tiny pool and an gathering area with cozy furniture. In addition, you may also see a series of different plants placed here and there with different heights, which connects the premise with nature.

Courtyard Design 2

Courtyard Design in Sri Lanka

If all what you looking for your courtyard is a simple upgrade, probably this would be the design that best suit you. The design is very much appealing for both innovating and renovation solutions as it very much simple to adorn an indoor premise.

What makes the design a distinguish is, it has invaded a considerable space and is filled with white and ash shades and structures. The design merges selected a few pieces of furniture along with some of the simple structures added also it directly exposed to natural light which generates spontaneous amount of peace and warmth to the scene.

Courtyard Design 3

Courtyard Design in Sri Lanka

Moving to the third from the set is another fine example for extensive courtyards. If you would like to dedicate some extra space for your indoor relaxation this design may make a dramatic change in your residence.

The best thing about having an extensive courtyard designs to your house is, you can be more creative when you are having events and celebrations at your home. You may simply make it happens in your special indoor space and so as your visitors also get closer exposure to admire your lifestyle.

Courtyard Design 4

Courtyard Design in Sri Lanka

An elegant yet simple indoor space that you can highlight as the courtyard of your residence. Compared to the previous designs we just had a look, you may see the indoor design reflects in the picture is partially covered by an extensive roofing.

This is an innovative idea to save the space from sudden weather changes can be happened, yet the design ensure the place is exposed to light and ventilation which will soothe your mind and body.

Courtyard Design 5

Courtyard Design in Sri Lanka

The design you will see in the fifth in the list is one of the most innovative and sophisticated designs in the portfolio. This may appeal you best if you have a little more space or even if you would like to maximize the space and utilize it to

create an amiable atmosphere for your dreamed courtyard.

The most eye catching from the set is the delicate waterway added that perfectly blends with the natural plans added.

Courtyard Design 6

Courtyard Design in Sri Lanka


We are moving to one of the most revealing from the portfolio. Everything about the setting is depicting an indoor studio. The fresh white shades along with ash and brown tones blends well and producing an spontaneous effect to highlight the natural plants added.

The designer has derived as much as possible from the space so then it offers a sufficient storage to move freely and so as it creates an endless peace and harmony in the setting.

Courtyard Design 7

Courtyard Design in Sri Lanka

If you fond of adding multi hue tones of grey shades the design you see here would be very much appealing for your taste. Everything in the space look very organized and refreshing.

The diversity of grey tones against lush greens ensure to enhance the beauty while highlighting the character and the style of the setting. The combination of soothing colors over chic tone makes the overall feel more tempting one.

Courtyard Design 8

Courtyard Design in Sri Lanka

A complete unique understanding to highlight courtyard spaces to more personalized one. If you would like to make your indoor space more a spacious one the design you see here will give you some innovative insights.

Everything about the space is filled with objects that improve the peace and serenity. It can also used as a place to celebrate the best moments with your intimates as well.

Compared to the designs that you studied so far the design is filled excess amount of natural plants and tiny trees.

Check for the above listed designs and find the best matching for your expectations.

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