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Modern House Interior Designs In Sri Lanka

8 Modern House Interior Designs In Sri Lanka

Are you looking for some amazing modern house interior designs in Sri Lanka? Then you are at the right place! Here you will find the best ideas of modern interior designs each with its unique style and ideas.

Modern House Interior Designs In Sri Lanka 1

Modern House Interior Designs In Sri Lanka

An interesting thing about modern Sri Lankan houses is that they have a special story of their own. You can know this story from the diversity in the colors and design of their house. some represent joyfulness while others are tidy and simple.

This modern open interior kitchen idea is created with some room for fresh air to cheer your life and mood every day. The wooden pantry is attractive as well as sophisticated in this design. Its patterns go along with the simple and tidy floor.

There’s a lot of beauty in The black color of the shelf which compliments the Lounge. The background of the design is muted with this tone, so then the pantry and the shelf stand out. The ceiling light produces more enhanced vision for eating thus making the food more appealing.

Modern House Interior Designs In Sri Lanka 2

Modern House Interior Designs In Sri Lanka

If you have a small living room then having A lively interior theme should be your choice. The specialty of this intriguing design is its tropical look which is given by the tropical plants, flawless wooden work, and a refreshing view of the lawn.

The plain feel of the rich white tiles is balanced by the warmth of the wooden structures. This whole scene is also dominated by the blue and yellow-brown tones regardless of the white plain tiles. These tones poking out from here and there add to its uniqueness.

The ceiling has sophisticated chandeliers to provide illumination and give a sense of stillness to the living room. The room has an ambiance due to the adornment with ornaments, paintings, and colorful textures.

Modern House Interior Designs In Sri Lanka 3

Modern House Interior Designs In Sri Lanka

Intrude on a dull and shadowy living room theme with an added touch of living plant life. Grow a little tree or bush from an underlying plant bed to add a backyard look. This immersed approach makes a comfortable space that feels like a hideout from the rest of the world.

Clever staging and positioning of the white tiles and dark antique furniture have been used to fully enhance the contrast of these two tones for an interesting dramatic effect.

The presence of metal and concrete, plus the brightness of the space, allows for earthy, muted tones to complement the furnishings. The wall prints are colored Grey to balance the darkness of the tiles and furniture.

Modern House Interior Designs In Sri Lanka 4

Modern House Interior Designs In Sri Lanka

Your bedroom is a representation of you, this wooden cozy bedroom fits well in the description of someone with a grounded personality. Its decent shelf and stones underneath it give a sense of earthiness.

The texture of the door also compliments its neat wooden floor. The blue and red color contrast is striking to the eyes and catches the attention first.

The bedroom is well lit by the glass wall which allows enough light to come in. There are also curtains with horizontal lines to provide privacy when needed.

Modern House Interior Designs In Sri Lanka 5

Modern House Interior Designs In Sri Lanka

A wooden staircase with a high railing draws attention to its unique parallel setting. The eyes follow the track of straight vertical lines of the railing which is see-through to let the person have more vision and not feel suffocated.

staircase leads into a warm, inviting living room which also has a large window to allow natural sunlight and a glimpse of beautiful nature. The hardwood theme is expressed on the floor of the living room, creating a feeling of continuity.

The room is touched with some softness through the partly drawn curtains over the window. There are potted plants too in the background which will hint at a sense of fresh air in the living room.

Modern House Interior Designs In Sri Lanka 6

Modern House Interior Designs In Sri Lanka

A beautiful small house with a well-maintained lawn without taking up much space! The house itself is a modern construction having an entrance door, glass windows flaunting the interior, and a tall reliable structure.

It is adorned with lush green grass that adds a touch of nature to this modern house. There is a comfortable seating next to it that offers a perfect place to relax in nature outside with glowing sunlight.

A harmonious living space is created with a careful selection of both indoor and outdoor plants and wall shades. The luxury of the house is further given by the high ceiling, polished tiles, and wooden floor.

Modern House Interior Designs In Sri Lanka 7

Modern House Interior Designs In Sri Lanka

A decent and calm white background with a generously sized dining table and several chairs in the center are the main focus. The sophisticated design blends the ceiling, armrests, and floor.

To further enhance the aesthetics of the room, you can see a vase and a coffee table. There is also a cozy couch for guests to relax after they have dinner.

The centerpiece of a bowl of fruit adds some natural colors to this design. There is also natural light coming in through large open windows giving the room an overall natural and refreshing glow.

Modern House Interior Designs In Sri Lanka 8

Modern House Interior Designs In Sri Lanka

This aesthetically pleasing indoor setting is dominated by the colors of different shades of white and grey. The window frames and furniture is white which is complimented by the grey ceilings and walls. Both these colors have added calmness to the atmosphere.

The aesthetic artwork adds to the beauty of this room giving a sense of creativity. The room is furnished with a coffee table in the center and chairs with a pleasant armrest. This setting is perfect for having a cozy conversation over a cup of coffee.

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