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Office Interior Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

10 Office Interior Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

Looking for office interior design ideas in Sri Lanka? Then here are some great office interior design ideas that you might like! Let’s check them out one by one.

Office Interior Design Idea 1

Office Interior Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

You must work in a place that is neat. The more organized the room, the better you can focus on your work. This design is simple providing more room for office work on a low budget.

There are two rooms with soundproof glass to avoid interruption from outside noise. There is a room for professional meetings with work chairs to keep your back straight and your mind focused on work. The chairs are placed around a table where work-related belongings can be placed.

The other room has a more laid-back and relaxed environment with comfortable chairs. It has large curtains in front of big windows to provide more privacy. Outside these rooms, a separate counter is made where one can individually work without being around other office workers.

Office Interior Design Idea 2

Office Interior Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

This sophisticated design is for those who prefer a white background and a more spacious place to work. This design has chairs that push against the back to keep it straight thus keeping everyone attentive and focused. You can see a large table in the front for placing your work belongings or water bottles.

In the background, there are plants which allow for some freshness. The sunlight entering the room from large windows along with these plants provides a natural feel thus allowing freshness. It feels closer to nature which helps cope with work stress.

The white color of the walls and the roof increases the focus and your office workers will be more motivated to work in this environment.

Office Interior Design Idea 3

Office Interior Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

If you have more area to build your office then this design is great for you as it has more of an earthy look. The color brown of the furniture with the large windows giving an outside view of plants fills the room with the essence of nature and freshness.

The unique design of the glass table on chess chess-shaped carpet represents your unique creativity and intelligence. There is also a wooden roof from which hangs down the unique warm lights and some crows, again depicting the earthiness of the room.

You can also see the wide open sky which will help you relax and think clearly in tough situations or when making any decision gets tough.

Office Interior Design Idea 4

Office Interior Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

This design is for a meeting room which is similar to the previous one providing an earthy feel, especially the design of its roof. There is an air conditioner placed in the center of the roof to let the cool air reach directly to workers sitting directly under it for a meeting.

The room has comfortable sofa office chairs which have wheels to move chairs easily. There is a telephone stand that is attached to the wire strategically placed inside the table without it looking messy. The blue carpet in the room attracts attention and provides coolness to the mind.

There is a garden outside that can be seen through the transparent windows. You can also see different potted plants and some big trees in the background.

Office Interior Design Idea 5

Office Interior Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

This is a design for a small hall where there are many chairs placed to hold more people. This is a great design to add to your office as it is useful for giving presentations during orientation weeks.

The back background wall compliments the black color of the chairs depicting a sense of power and groundedness. White the brown color on other walls gives off a more natural feeling.

The roof is white and has many LED lights to make the room bright. The chairs are placed at a reasonable distance to allow for easy movement of people.

Office Interior Design Idea 6

Office Interior Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

This office design is more relaxed and provides a friendly environment with colorful cushions. It has a TV on the wall where you can play slides related to office work or you can watch something else in a comfortable environment.

The lights in the room are balanced with enough illumination, a cozy space, and modern furniture. The ceiling design is simple with a white tone which brings extra comfort to the room.

Office Interior Design Idea 7

Office Interior Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

This modern office design has a black and grey tone with its unique desk and laptop. You can see a brown background and floor with blue seating that grabs the attention at first look.

The background has some plants that are illuminated which increases the freshness of the room. Without these plants, the room would seem boring.

There is also a security door that has a camera to show the person outside the room. There are also unique ring lights hanging from the roof.

Office Interior Design Idea 8

Office Interior Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

This meeting room is designed for a big office that needs to hold more people. It is illuminated by both natural light from the glass windows and bright LED lights on the roof.

There are laptops placed in front of each chair and there is a sink with cabinets for quick snacks. The chairs are also comfortable with a restful back support facing each other.

Office Interior Design Idea 9

Office Interior Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

This design is for a small office with one-to-one communication. It has a table with a cabinet to keep important documents. The opaque walls make this design unique and aesthetic.

There are also some pot plants added here and there to let you breathe fresh air. There is also a rack to place your belongings.

Office Interior Design Idea 10

Office Interior Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

This office room has two sides, one has a desk and chairs lined up in front of PCs while the other side has books and files placed on shelves.

The roof has many lights to illuminate the room and there are glass doors with security codes.

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