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Looking for interior designers in Sri Lanka? Here at Trends, we offer our customers something unique: The option of creating a space, be it a residence, office or commercial building, designed just how they envisioned it, whatever your style preference is. Our team of experts have over 10 years of experience in the industry, and are always ready to help you find your style, and make sure your perfect style marries with your perfect budget. All our fabrications are done in-house, in our own factories, ensuring that our customers only experience the best quality that we can offer.

From the material we use to the personnel we employ, we believe in experience and quality, valuing integrity above all else. This allows us to ensure that all our clients receive a service that exceeds their expectations, on time and on budget.

Specific Services We Provide:

  • Interior architecture, space planning, interior detailing, theme & concept development
  • Selection and specification of furnishings
  • Finish and colour analysis
  • Custom furniture design
  • Lighting design
Contact Trends Engineering a construction company in Colombo for interior design services in Sri Lanka.