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Showroom Design Ideas In Sri Lanka

8 Showroom Design Ideas In Sri Lanka

Are you looking for the best showroom design ideas in Sri Lanka to promote your business platforms? If yes then here I am going to present a few outstanding ideas for your showrooms so that it attracts customers with its outstanding and marvelous representation!

Showroom Design Idea 1

Showroom Design Ideas In Sri Lanka

If you want an LCD fitted sitting area then this design is right for you. Here you will see a great media wall with beautiful panels and a big screen and right in front of that there are sofas so that customers and visitors can see the media wall.

This sitting area is captivating with beautiful chandeliers, and small light bulbs hanging that will attract visitors at first glimpse. In another corner, there is a table and chairs for your business meetings and evening chilling hours.

For fresh and pure aesthetic vibes this showroom is adorned with green color plants and beautiful sceneries on the walls are added.

Showroom Design Idea 2

Showroom Design Ideas In Sri Lanka

Spacious showrooms are now in demand, this design is right for those who do not prefer stuffed sitting in their showrooms. This design is eye-catching because of its beautiful and unique ceiling, the brown striped design paneling, and striped  LED lights.

To enhance its elegance there is a beautiful sitting arrangement in front of windows so that you can have a relaxing environment while having your business meetings. 

Those who are in the fashion industry can simply represent their articles on one side of the showroom this will promote your business. In case of big business gatherings, there is a sofa sitting arrangement to make your place more spacious and comfortable. 

Showroom Design Idea 3

Showroom Design Ideas In Sri Lanka

If you are looking for a decent setup for your showroom then let me explain this design to you, it is simply decorated with uniquely designed chandeliers over the ceiling.

Its ceiling is not too stuffed, just a chandelier of white bulbs on one side and hanging LED lights in the other extreme of the room are added.

This design is simply attractive because of its brown-colored theme and panels, there is a small see-through wardrobe on one wall where you can display your popular designs and in front a comfortable sitting arrangement.

To maintain the simplicity of this design here we added beautiful scenery pictures on walls and green plants in corners to maintain a healthy and refreshing business environment.

Showroom Design Idea 4

Showroom Design Ideas In Sri Lanka

For those who love to adorn their space with aesthetics and old-school colors that represent royal elegance should consider this design. 

Here the main centre of attraction will be the great wall in front that is decorated beautifully with paintings and pictures and some gold or bronze antiques. To provide more space there are shelves on this wall so that you can manage everything work-related here.

The other very elegant masterpiece in this design is its huge royal chandelier in the corner, with many golden hangings and glittering glass pieces. This chandelier completes the theme of your aesthetic showroom. The ceiling is all black so that it doesn’t mask the brightness and shades of the chandelier.

Showroom Design Idea 5

Showroom Design Ideas In Sri Lanka

If you want to decorate your showroom with golden shades of glass to catch the attention of visitors then this is the right choice for you. The design is unique because of its beautiful and marvelous ceiling which is designed very neatly and elegantly.

Here the ceiling is paneled with golden wooden strips with minimal lights and then there is a unique breathtaking chandelier arrangement that consists of round glowy balls that shine like gold.

On one side of the showroom, there is a great media wall with beautiful panels and a gold background light. On the other side there are shelves adorned with captivating vases and glass pieces, for your business deals and meetings there is a table and chairs under the chandelier.

Showroom Design Idea 6

Showroom Design Ideas In Sri Lanka

If you work in a business that requires digital Marketing and meetings held in your showroom are media-related then this design is best for you. Its media wall is decorated with striped panels in the background with golden LED lights along the margins.

Alongside there are shelves to complete the front frame of the wall and you can manage your files there, in front of the wall there is a sitting arrangement so that you can discuss and proceed with your meetings comfortably.

To keep the elegance of this design, the ceiling is adorned with small circular bulbs hanging in different dimensions. There are some single-seater sofas in front of the window for evening relaxing hours and chit-chat.

Showroom Design Idea 7

Showroom Design Ideas In Sri Lanka

This is a showroom designed for those who want to accommodate many people in meetings, the most distinctive feature of this design is its simple yet elegant hanging bulbs.

They are hanging in a particular sequence to catch the attention of visitors, and the overall ceiling is simple so that it doesn’t seem too congested according to the setup.

This showroom is further decorated with beautiful mirrors on walls and green artificial busy plants on shelves that will maintain the whole vibe of your setup. There are many comfortable chairs and sofas here so that your clients can enjoy a comfortable meeting.

Showroom Design Idea 8

Showroom Design Ideas In Sri Lanka

If you and your co-worker want to work in a ventilated and comfortable place then consider this arrangement for your showroom! Its ceiling is designed very delicately with striped panels. For better attraction, there are hanging LED lights in white color circular ball-shaped covering.

Its side walls are themed golden and shelves are enlightened with striped lights to maintain extra space in your showroom there is a side table in front of the window and sofas beside it so that you can deal with your clients comfortably.

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