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Box Type House Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

Best 8 Box Type House Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

Looking for box type house design ideas in Sri Lanka?

In Sri Lanka, box-type house design has become popular due to its modern and minimalist aesthetics. These designs are simple, while also offering the best living experience that seamlessly mixes with tropical surroundings. Whether you are looking for serene countryside or urban dwellings,  the box-type house design makes sure to provide a stylish and comfortable home. 

Let’s take a look at these great ideas, on how to design your house into box type.

Box Type House Design Idea 1

Box Type House Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

It is a modern architectural gem, that shows elegance. The use of large windows adds a touch of uniqueness, this is not only perfect for the interior but also creates a visual statement from the exterior. The clean lines of the design emphasize minimalist aesthetics, while the window adds an architectural interest. 

In addition, this stunning design not only enhances the visual appeal but also promotes a sense of openness with the surrounding environment. 

The Asymmetrical Modern house design is a unique and innovative concept that offers a modern and functional living space, while also providing a visually appealing exterior that is sure to turn heads.

Box Type House Design Idea 2

Box Type House Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

Sunlit Haven: A Contemporary Box Type Retreat is a modern and functional house design that emphasizes natural light and an eye-catching exterior. The design includes a multi-story, box-type structure with a unique and eye-catching arrangement of large windows. These windows are strategically placed to allow for optimal natural light penetration, which creates a bright and welcoming interior environment.

The exterior of the Sunlit Haven design is made up of modern materials, such as glass, steel, and concrete, which not only provide a sleek and contemporary appearance but also offer durability and low maintenance. The box-type structure is simple yet striking, with clean lines and a focus on functionality.

If you want to design your home into a Box-type structure, then consider taking ideas from Sunlit Haven. It is best, as is attracting with greenery. Make sure to design your home that not only has plenty of space but also looks stunning. 

Box Type House Design Idea 3

Box Type House Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

Elevated Illumination: A Modern Sanctuary is a recent, practical home design that boasts an eye-catching and distinctive exterior along with an abundance of natural light and a cheery, inviting interior. The design prioritizes functionality and a clean, modern look while being sustainable, adaptable, and long-lasting.

As you can see in the picture, it has a swimming pool that adds a touch of elegance and also attracts people. There is also plenty of space to sit, read books, and watch movies. Moreover, this is a perfect spot to observe natural things and immerse yourself in nature. 

This box-type design is a great idea that is beautifully designed from the outside and also gives a visually appealing experience.

Box Type House Design Idea 4

Box Type House Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

The radiant box is made of modern materials, such as glass, metal, and steel. The large windows create a dynamic and eye-catching exterior. In addition, the interior of the house is modern, with neutral color themes that enhance the sense of space and light. 

The open-plan layout creates an unbroken flow between the living, dining, and kitchen areas, at the same time as large sliding doorways blur the limits between indoors and outside, inviting residents to enjoy the garden and out-of-door areas.

The house is likewise designed to be adaptable, with flexible dwelling areas that could without difficulty be reconfigured to suit the converting needs of its occupants.

It is amazing, that has a golden brown theme, which is a perfect combination.

Box Type House Design Idea 5

Box Type House Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

The Luminary Cube: A Modern Architectural Marvel is a unique and visually attractive residence design that offers an abundance of natural light, a bright and alluring interior environment, and a cutting-edge and functional aesthetic. The design is sustainable, long-lasting, and customizable, and is sure to be a standout in any neighborhood.

The big windows are a defining function of this layout, as they invent a dynamic and visually appealing outside, while additionally bearing in mind top-rated herbal mild penetration. This consequences in a vivid and inviting indoor environment, decreasing the need for artificial lights throughout the day.

Box Type House Design Idea 6

Box Type House Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

The outdoors of the Illuminated Gem layout is made of modern-day materials, such as glass, steel, and concrete, which not simplest offer a sleek and modern-day appearance but additionally provide durability and coffee maintenance. The geometric shape is designed to provide enough area for diverse functionalities, together with residing areas, bedrooms, and recreational areas.

Along with this, the Illuminated Gem layout blends geometric shapes, smooth lines, and an abundance of herbal mild to create a living vicinity that is aesthetically captivating and exceptionally practical. This current and complicated aesthetic is what makes the design so lovely. The layout represents the pinnacle of modern-day residential structure and technology. It is a true masterpiece.

Box Type House Design Idea 7

Box Type House Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

Glass box oasis is a modern, that features a contemporary exterior with a combination of glass, and steel. These materials not only make the house look stunning, but also ensure durability, and low maintenance. 

Despite its present-day look, Glass Box Oasis is designed with sustainability in mind. Energy-green capabilities which include solar panels, excessive-overall performance insulation, and occasional-go with the flow furnishings are integrated into the design to lessen its environmental impact. 

As you can see its beauty, the house is covered with greenery, that enhances its looks and designs. Additionally, it has a great color theme, and a wonderful space to have tea and watch TV.

Box Type House Design Idea 8

Box Type House Design Ideas in Sri Lanka

The house has a beautiful and bright color theme, that makes it more visually appealing. It provides natural light and an inviting atmosphere. The large windows and glass walls are placed throughout the interior enhancing its beauty. 

Apart from this, the house is covered in greenery, which creates a smooth and peaceful atmosphere. It is an architectural design that offers a mixture of style, comfort, and calmness.

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