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Living Room Design In Sri Lanka

Best 8 Living Room Design In Sri Lanka

Are you renovating your home and need some ideas for your living room designs? Then you are at the right place! Here are 8 great living room designs in Sri Lanka, perfect for creating unforgettable family moments.

Living Room Design In Sri Lanka 1

Living Room Design In Sri Lanka

If you want a modern living room with an inviting appeal of grey and brown color then this is the one for you. This beautiful design features a simple TV screen and a comfortable centerpiece couch. The room is not stuffed with furniture yet feels cozy.

It has a natural ambiance from the sunlight entering through a window in the background. The grey color of the floor compliments the walls and the roof. The roof also has chandeliers hanging down giving a luxury look to this living room.

The luxury and elegant look is enhanced by adding a unique statue of a deer on the windowsill. Overall, this room is very sophisticated, and a classic touch is added with simple furniture sets. It is a perfect balance of comfort and style!

Living Room Design In Sri Lanka 2

Living Room Design In Sri Lanka

A living room with a plain white look projecting decency and purity. It mixes soothing whites and green shades to allure overall simplicity and liveliness. To add some creativity, the walls are adorned with a large abstract painting.

You can see the alluring abstract design of dull browns and grey combined in the center of the floor which compliments the painting on the wall and the texture on the wooden wall. This brings attention to every detail on every corner of the living room

The contrasting tone of the furniture is added against the plain white background tone. The natural touch is given with a beautiful indoor garden which will freshen up your thoughts and help relax after a long day.

Living Room Design In Sri Lanka 3

Living Room Design In Sri Lanka

A unique design with a wild touch of wooden textures and metal railings. There is a modern elegance with its brown flooring and grey walls. The black couch with its blue pillows catches the attention at first glance as they go against the overall color scheme.

The metal railings not only add charm but also allow the light to pass from the windows directly to the living room, brightening it. In the corner there is a potted plant to add a touch of freshness too.

For lounging or reading, this room provides the perfect cozy space. An inviting and cohesive atmosphere is also created with a coffee table, a  high-density foam sofa, and a unique lamp that brightens the coffee table.

Living Room Design In Sri Lanka 4

Living Room Design In Sri Lanka

If you are a nature lover and want a plant life around you while you relax in your living room then here is a great design for you. It’s a perfect design to soothe your eyes and give you a freshening breath of air to improve your overall health!

The cozy and luxurious set of furniture added to the room makes the space more comfortable and convenient. The way that the designer has used the classic wooden floor and added glass walls to view the outside garden helps to refresh the thoughts and vibes.

The color of this chunky couch complements the overall earthy look. The way the sculptures and ornaments have been added creates a spiritual feeling and allows for the soul to be fully present.

Living Room Design In Sri Lanka 5

Living Room Design In Sri Lanka

Another earthy design is presented with an aesthetic overall look. It is perfect for watching your favorite show while breathing in the fresh air of nature. A cozy interior is made with a comfortable couch placed with its warm tone and eye-catching yellow pillows.

There is a glass door with an outside view of the lawn in the background. It also has large curtains to block the light coming in at times. The wall in the back has an earthy abstract texture which enhances the earthy style of the room.

The TV is set on a table that has matching tones to the couch and carpet placed in front of it. This living room is a perfect space to relax and find comfort throughout the day.

Living Room Design In Sri Lanka 6

Living Room Design In Sri Lanka

A sparkly marble look with an overall simple white background is a perfect match for someone who likes simplicity. There is creativity added to this simple design with the colorful abstract painting and an aesthetic lamp that is beautifully set on the wall.

There are adjustable sofas which are also easy to move around with two simple glass tables in front. The glass of these tables sparkles with the marble thus enhancing the elegance of the room. A black and white carpet also compliments the sofa cushions and the chair placed on the side.

The foldable door to this living room has an amazing design that takes up the least space opening into the living room.  It also has opaque glass that allows some light to pass in.

Living Room Design In Sri Lanka 7

Living Room Design In Sri Lanka

An open ceiling living room to watch the beautiful clouds drift by is the best idea to add to your living room design. The plants in the room also allow for a great natural experience under a bright sky.

A cozy grey couch is the main centerpiece that also has a zebra-striped cozy shrug. The rug under the couch has an appealing texture to the overall grey-and-white color scheme.

There is a book placed on the comfortable stool to bring intellectualism into this space. A calm atmosphere is provided for better focus with the white background and indoor plants.

Living Room Design In Sri Lanka 8

Living Room Design In Sri Lanka

This luxury living room design has a warm and white tone combination with chunky sofas and unique hanging lights. The space is made comfortable with a mix of cozy and luxurious touches.

The large window with white shades allows warm natural light that adds to the cozy feeling. There is also a plain mirror placed on the wall to enhance the simplicity and elegance.

The floor has a luxurious texture pointing towards one direction which enhances the luxury look of the overall design.

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